What are QCFs?

Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCFs) are one of the most popular forms of qualification in the workplace as delegates can choose a programme that helps them to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace. Students can fit their studies around their busy work and personal commitments within an agreed framework and timescale.

QCFs are work-related, competence-based qualifications. They reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do a job effectively, and show that a candidate is competent in the area of work the QCF framework represents. There are no upper age limits and no special entry requirements.

These qualifications are based on national occupational standards. These standards are statements of performance that describe what competent people in a particular occupation are expected to be able to do. They cover all the main aspects of an occupation, including current best practice, the ability to adapt to future requirements and the knowledge and understanding that underpin competent performance.

Achieving a QCF

QCFs are achieved through assessment and training. Assessment is normally through on-the-job observation and questioning. Candidates produce evidence to prove they have the competence to meet the QCF standards. Assessors sign off units when the candidates are ready. The assessor tests candidates’ knowledge, understanding and work-based performance to make sure they can demonstrate competence in the workplace.

  • Identifying what they can do already
  • Agreeing on the standard and level they are aiming for
  • Analysing what they need to learn
  • Choosing and agreeing on activities that would allow them to learn what they need.

Candidates compare their performance with the standards as they learn. They look at what they have achieved, how much they still need to do and how they should go about it, until they are assessed as competent for a unit or a whole QCF. All students will be assigned a qualified assessor to support them throughout the programme.

A broad range of QCF subjects are available at City College

The College offers QCFs to students aged 19 or over in the following subjects:

  • Business Administration
  • Customer Services
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Creative & Digital Media
  • Team Leading
  • Management
  • Childcare
  • Health & Social Care
  • Catering/Food & Drink
  • Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools
  • Warehousing & Storage


For further details, please contact our Business Team on (01733) 555197 or email: business@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk