BalwinderGill 008In September 2013, our Projects Manager, Balwinder Gill (Gill), signed up to the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Already being in a managerial position at the College, Gill opted for the highly regarded course as

a way to boost his leadership skills whilst developing his knowledge of key managerial areas.

During the course, Gill focussed on management and leadership in the following essential business areas:

  • Human resource development
  • Performance management
  • Management projects
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Gill explained: “As soon as I heard we were bringing the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management to City College Peterborough I was eager to enrol onto the course myself.

“Having researched the Chartered Management Institute, the awarding body for the diploma, I recognised the qualification would give substantial weight to my status as manager.”

Jackie Hall, marketing manager, at City College Peterborough explained the motivation behind introducing the CMI diploma at the College: “As the CMI website states: only 1 in 5 managers have a recognised managerial qualification – that’s a significant skills gap.

“By introducing the course at the College, we were eager to provide local businesses with the opportunity to improve their middle management team. Through the diploma and the support of the College, businesses could feel reassured that their team were equipped with all the tools and skills necessary for effective management.”

To complete the course, Gill attended his college course every week during term time from September to June. With guidance from his tutor, access to helpful resources on the CMI website and dedication to complete the course, Gill powered through the additional learning and assignments.

It is essential, however, that students are committed to spending time on the course – as well as completing their course work at the end of each session. As Gill explains: “The course is very well respected, which means you have to work hard to achieve the qualification They definitely don’t ‘give’ the qualification away, but the satisfaction I got when I had achieved grades I was proud of outweighed it all.

“For those considering the diploma, I would recommend making the absolute most of your tutor. They’ll be able to help you manage your time efficiently – that way you won’t feel like you’re juggling a demanding day job, with the course as an added extra.

“There is a need to give yourself some real ‘brain space’ when completing the diploma: you’ll want to properly read, digest and research information whilst also putting aside some quiet time to write assignments. However, I found that by keeping on top of the work on a weekly basis I was able to keep my weekends and other free time, well, ‘free’ from Diploma work!”

The Diploma does bring huge rewards to successful students. Gill said: “The benefits are numerous on completing the course. To name some of the most significant ones: you’ll gain recognition for enhancing your knowledge, understanding and practice of management; your confidence will improve and there’s definitely potential for a higher status in your organisation; you’ll clearly display your commitment to continuous professional development; and, of course, you can progress to Chartered Manager status.”

If you think a CMI diploma could help you achieve your goals and ambitions, whilst improving your day-to-day managerial role, why not register your interest with City College Peterborough today? Call us on 01733 555197 or email