Name: Roger Valentine

Apprenticeship: Social Media and Digital Marketing Level 3 Diploma

“By the time I have completed my apprenticeship I will be 60, and I never thought I would be doing an academic course at this age, and I think it’s because the course just fits so well for what I need to know for my work at this stage, it is both interesting and useful for what I do.  It does take a lot of time and commitment, but I really enjoy my Friday workshops with Chris my assessor, and I am lucky with my line manager, as I get an awful lot of support and I am able to be released from my role to attend college.  It is a very busy time at work, so it really is squeezing in a lot, and without my line manager’s support, it wouldn’t be what it is, the commitment and support needs to be top-down as well as bottom up.

My role involves making our website well known to the public, guiding and signposting the population of Peterborough to services that are available, so social media is absolutely crucial to getting the message out there and making these services accessible to everyone across the city.

The course has also involved an amount of self-study and is very much a case of carrying out research to find out information for myself, making my mind sharper, because I want it to benefit my work.   I have been writing assignments to a higher level than required possibly, but as I have this opportunity and support from the council, I am upskilling and learning so much more.

I recently attended a photoshop course with Chris as part of the apprenticeship training, learning key fundamentals that I managed to get my head around which was really great!  With the support of the college and my line manager, the apprenticeship is enabling me to upskill in my job, and generally, learn more about how I can do my job better”

Roger Valentine