If you work with food either in a hotel, restaurant or cafe, large catering setting, rooming officer who provides catering for its guest or your own cottage industry, you will need a Food Safety qualification.

City College Peterborough offer a range of courses that will benefit anyone working in a situation where food is prepared, cooked and served whether it’s in a pub, hotel, restaurant, fast food outlet, hospital, care establishments, nursing homes, schools, prisons and armed forces.


Time: 09:00–17:00
No of sessions: 1
Fee: £80

Dates available: 20th September 2021, 22nd November 2021, 11th December 2021, 24th January 2022, 21st March 2022, 9th May 2022, 27th June 2022.

To enrol, or to find out more information, please can call (01733) 761361 or email admin@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk.

NB You don’t need any qualifications to enrol on this course except a good level of spoken and written English at Level 2 (GCSE) or equivalent. At the end of the course, you will need to do a written test to achieve your qualification. If you are not sure that your English level is at Level 2, please contact elearning@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk for an English assessment before you enrol on the course. No refund will be given if your English level is not suitable for the course.