The Big Climb

City College Peterborough’s Access Champions climbed up and down Mount Snowdon on 30th May 2019.


Building up to this, the group trained weekly from January with their personal trainer Sonia from WOWFitness and took part in numerous fundraising activities, including bag packing and coffee mornings to help promote the event.  They also worked with David Wait, Centre Manager of Serpentine Green, to design leaflets, business cards, and Big Champion Climb t-shirts as well as promoting the event and arranging fundraising events/donations from local companies.


The weather on the day of the climb was not good… We had wind and rain nearly the whole way up (and down) Snowdon and by the time we reached the top, the weather conditions were treacherous; the worst any of the supporting staff had ever known up a mountain!  However, not once did our young people grumble and complain; they continued, supporting, motivating and encouraging each other throughout.


Upon reaching the top, the weather conditions worsened (many of us were “taken” by the wind, meaning we had to lower ourselves to the ground to remain in one place!) so the staff decided the safest way down would be via train… BUT the trains were cancelled due to bad weather so our tired, wet and wind-swept young people had to face the gruelling task of walking down. Again, they did this without complaint, constantly offering support and praise for each other.


The climb took nine hours in total and words cannot describe the fierce weather conditions we faced… I am so proud of the group; they have shown dedication, commitment and perseverance throughout the project and are STARS!


The current total on JustGiving is £1557 (their target was £1000) but we still have around £1500 to go on so are hoping to reach £3000…. The JustGiving page will continue to stay open so donations are more than welcome…


As a result of this, the Access Champions are launching a yearly fundraising challenge to help promote the group as well as provide money for their soon-to-come social events.


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