September Apprenticeships: It’s time to sign up!

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September traditionally shows an influx in talented young people looking for apprenticeships. Make sure your business makes the most of it!

September is a notoriously busy month for young people: it’s back to school, college or university. Inevitably, September is also a time for those having received their GCSE and A Level results to make a decision about their next steps: work, further education or, perhaps, an apprenticeship.

Peterborough businesses are being urged to make the most of this month being the prime time to attract new talent and eager learners. Having left school or college with qualifications that have prepared them for the workplace, these young people are keen to gain experience whilst also offering a valuable set of new skills with them.

Not only are apprenticeships a fantastic idea for businesses – they are a great opportunity for those just entering the job market too. Apprentices will have the opportunity to earn whilst they learn and enjoy the support from ongoing training and the College providing them with additional learning.

How can your business make the most of this influx of talent?

An apprenticeship is the ideal way to engage new employees in your business. An apprentice will be:

  • Learning on the job, with qualifications being completed at both your business and at City College Peterborough
  • Motivated as they earn whilst they learn
  • Eager to gain new skills and experience
  • Loyal to your business, as the place of their learning and ongoing success.

Although apprenticeship schemes and vacancies can be opened at any time of year, September is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to act. With new young people entering the job market every September, why not find out more about an apprenticeship today?

Remember that apprenticeships are not simply limited to the traditional apprenticeship trades, such as motor vehicle maintenance. Here at City College Peterborough we offer apprenticeships schemes that include childcare, team leading, digital marketing and many more.

Businesses from all sorts of industries can maximise their bottom line with an apprentice.

Did you know, your current staff could also start an apprenticeship programme with City College Peterborough?

September is a great time to bring new employees into your business via an apprenticeship, but it’s also the perfect time to nurture the staff you already have on board.

Here at City College Peterborough, you can also put your own team members through an apprenticeship programme. It’s a fantastic way to invest in your team and your business, whilst also developing your bottom line significantly.

Businesses of all sizes can invest in an apprentice. At City College Peterborough we offer apprenticeships in a variety of subjects. You can find out more about the apprenticeship subjects and the benefits for your business here.

If you’re thinking an apprenticeship is a step in the right direction for your business this September, you can read more about how apprenticeship funding and rules for businesses work here.

We would be delighted to help you and your business find the right apprenticeship scheme. Get in touch with our Business Team today on (01733) 761 361 or email

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