Saturday Specials at City College Peterborough

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ing for something different to do this year? Why not join us one of our popular one-day Saturday courses. Come on your own, or bring a friend, colleague or relative to learn something new with you.

There’s a wide range of courses to choose from.

Saturday 7th November

Enamelled Jewellery Workshop

Would you like to learn the basics and create beautiful enamel jewellery? Come along and join this course and you will learn a range of new skills.

Tutor Louise Denney
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £28

Reflexology is focused primarily on the feet. This short course will teach you how to locate reflex points and how they are linked to other parts of the body to enhance your massage skills.

Tutor Joy Whitehead
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £28

An Introduction to I Ching

I Ching is an eastern method to provide guidance for moral decision making. You will learn the basics of I Ching reading on this short course.

Tutor Rosemary Harris
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £25

Neuro Linguistic Programming

This course will introduce you to the fundamental Neuro Linguistic Programming principles that can help you to learn, think and communicate more effectively and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Tutor Tony Alexander
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £25
Buying and Selling on Ebay

If you want to shop for a bargain or make the most of unwanted items and earn some extra cash, then this is for you. Learn how to get the best out of ebay. Create your own listings, understand the fees and reviews to trade safely online.

Tutor Chris Lane
Time 09:30 –12:30 or 13:00–16:00
Cost £13

Forensics in The Evidence Room

Ever wondered what role digital forensics has in modern society? Come along and discover from crime scene to court drama just how vital this exciting field is to keeping the streets safe of criminal activity.

Tutor Connor Brown
Time 10:00 –13:00
Cost £13

Chinese Tea Ceremony

How would you like to learn about the Chinese tea ceremony. This short one day introduction will cover the history of the Chinese tea ceremony, the types of tea used and how to perform the Chinese tea ceremony.

Tutor Yan Woo
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £25

A Taste of Fine Dining for Friends

A taste of fine dining for friends is a beginner’s course. Come and spend the day in a professional kitchen and learn how to cook using simple ingredients to create a three course fine dining meal.

Tutor Jackie Harris
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £25

Decorate Your Xmas Cake with Sugarcraft

This course is designed to help you make beautiful designs to decorate your Christmas cake with Sugarcraft.

Tutor Karen Gordon
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £25

Get to Know Your Sewing machine
Have you got a sewing machine sitting in the cupboard but you don’t know where to start? Have you just started a new hobby of sewing and would like to know more about your machine? Why not come along to this one day course so that you can explore your machine to expand your skills.

Tutor Sharon Backler
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £25
A Taste of British Sign Language

This course provides learners with the opportunity to learn about British Sign Language and get to grips with the basics.

Tutor Nicki Sanders
Time 10:00 –16:00
Cost £25

Introduction to Car Maintenance For All @ John Mansfield Centre

Do you want to improve your understanding of how a car works and be able to tackle the small maintenance tasks yourself rather than having to ask for help? If the answer is yes, this is the course for you. This course will introduce you to ‘what’s hiding under the bonnet’ and show you how to change a bulb, check your tyre pressure and how to change a wheel.

Tutor Paul Isaacson
Time 10:00 –14:00
Cost £20
Family Arts & Crafts

On this course you will learn how to make Christmas decorations and cards and help your child to develop their skills through arts and crafts. You will support your child to express their creativity and imagination and enjoy sharing, learning and working together with your child and have fun!

Tutor Ruth Filsak
Time 10:00 –13:00
Cost £10 (1 Adult: 1 child)

To find out more call (01733) 761361 or email 

2 Responses to “Saturday Specials at City College Peterborough”

  1. hayley snow

    i’m interested in the indian head massage.
    do i need to book or can i just attend on the day.

    hayley x

    • Jackie Hall

      Hi there Hayley
      Thanks for your email. You will need to book your place beforehand. You can enrol and pay online via our website (the link is on the home page – Enrol Now and then click on the enrol now button at the bottom of the image), you can enrol over the phone (01733) 761361) or call into the College.
      I look forward to seeing you on the 10th October.


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