Put a spring in your step and volunteer for Summer Walks with City College Peterborough

Volunteer walkers

Wednesdays are now ‘walk days’ with the volunteer walk initiative championed by City College Peterborough and volunteers all over the city.

In winter last year, the College launched the very successful Walk on Wednesdays campaign to help engage people with mental and physical health issues who may be at risk of isolation. The project aimed to involve people more in the community and to help them achieve personal benefits from a programme of walks at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough.

Working with Inspire Peterborough, the College funded the project and delivered it in partnership with Peterborough MIND and the Nene Park Trust at Ferry Meadows. Six volunteers were on board and provided with relevant training – over ten weeks, these volunteers walked round Ferry Meadows with five participants all with varying needs.

What’s involved?

On each of the Wednesdays the participants were picked up and taken to Ferry Meadows, where they met the volunteers and were accompanied on a walk around the beautiful countryside. On top of that, everyone tucked in to coffee, tea and cake at the end of their walk – along with a chat!

Do the Walks on Wednesdays really make a difference?

By the end of the ten weeks, the participants were managing to walk much further – not to mention having made emotional and social progress. Helping those taking part with the therapeutic effects of nature, along with having the chance to get into a conversation and meet new people, the project was a huge success.

What’s next for Walks on Wednesdays?

Because the College had such fantastic feedback from the project, we’ve decided to run it again – this time in Summer 2015. Walks on Wednesdays really are a fantastic way to engage those in need of support and conversation in the Peterborough community, and it gives volunteers the chance to make a real difference…

And we’re looking for volunteers now!

If you want the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic project (and in the warmer summer weather!) then get in touch with Jean Martin today. You can email her on jmartin@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk to register your interest.

All volunteers will gain a certificate once they have completed the free training course to become a walking guide. Volunteers will then be invited to join the 10 week series of Wednesday Walks, which will take place every Wednesday from 10am to 12 noon. Of course, they will also finish the walks off with free coffee and cake at the Ferry Meadows café.

The summer 2015 programme is being finalised now, so we’ll soon be able to update you on organisations helping with the project and taking part, along with numbers of participants and volunteers – but make sure you do get in touch soon to register your interest.

Walks on Wednesdays are just one part of the community projects the College delivers. If you’re interested in volunteering – remember, it looks great on your CV and it’s the perfect opportunity to meet new people and feel a part of your community – get in touch with Jean today and she’ll be able to give you more information on the projects currently running at the College. Email Jean on jmartin@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk

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