Peterborough Literacy Hub Opening in City Centre

Little boy reading a book

Peterborough Literacy Hub’ on city’s high street to boost literacy throughout the summer school holidays

A temporarily empty shop unit on Peterborough’s high street will be transformed into an exciting hub of literacy activity during the summer holidays as part of a pioneering partnership between the National Literacy Trust Hub in Peterborough and Peterborough City College to drive up literacy levels in the city.

From Tuesday 26 July to Wednesday 31 August, the Peterborough Literacy Hub will be located on 33-35 Bridge St, PE1 1HH and open from 10am- 3pm from Tuesday to Saturday. Featuring fun new themes for each week’s activities including ‘Jungle Safari’ and ‘Under the Sea’, families will be able to pick up a free book, take part in fun literacy activities, get stuck into a sharing stories in the reading area, find out where to get literacy support in the city and enter competitions to win prizes. The importance of healthy eating will also be promoted in the space with two weeks dedicated to fun activities that will celebrate nutritious food and recipes.

Supported by a team of volunteers from Peterborough City College and the National Literacy Trust, the initiative aims to inspire a love of reading and raise awareness of the importance of literacy skills. Throughout the week families can:

– Grow a ‘literacy tree’ on the walls by writing the title of their favourite books or a favourite quote from a book onto paper leaves.
– Take part in the Peterborough walk and talk trail quiz –a Peterborough Literacy Campaign initiative launched in partnership with cultural services provider, Vivacity which quizzes families on Peterborough’s landmarks to help support children’s literacy and communication skills

  • Take part in a ‘favourite book’ poster competition.
  • Have the chance to be a published author by submitting their favourite family recipe for a ‘Peterborough Family Cookbook’ which will be printed after the summer.
  • Share a book in the themed ‘book corner’ and take part in arts and crafts.
  • Try, taste and give feedback on a ‘recipe of the week’
  • Pick up a free book and receive information on literacy support available in the area.

The different themes of each week will be:

WEEK ONE (Tues 26 July -Sat 30 July)
Theme: Jungle Safari

Animal themed arts and crafts: Make a parrot bookmark, a snake on a stick and crazy crocodile and jungle animal masks. Win prizes for the Animal Bingo in the afternoon.
WEEK TWO (Tues 2 Aug – Sat 6 Aug)
Theme: Under the Sea

Sea themed arts and crafts: Make fish and turtles from recycled items, decorate plates and create mobiles. Families can also create healthy fruit kebabs and smoothies in the afternoon.

WEEK 3 (Tues 9 Aug- Sat 13 Aug)
Theme: Healthy Eating

Healthy food themed arts and crafts: Craft a rainbow food chart, a plate of food and write a shopping list. Families can also find out how to make a healthy children’s lunch pack, create a smoothies or a watermelon pizza in the afternoon.

WEEK 4 (Tues 16 Aug – Sat 20 Aug)
Theme: Favourite Books

Make a storybook, a creative bookmark and fridge magnet. Families can also make a word bracelet or keyring in the afternoon.

WEEK 5 (Tues 23 Aug – Sat 27 Aug)
Theme: Healthy Eating

Healthy food themed arts and crafts: Craft a rainbow food chart, a plate of food and write a shopping list. Families can also find out how to make a healthy children’s lunch pack, make a smoothie or a watermelon pizza in the afternoon.

WEEK 6 (Tues 30 Aug – Weds 31 Aug)
Theme: Favourite Books

Make a storybook, a creative bookmark and fridge magnet. Families can also make a word bracelet or keyring in the afternoon.

A full timetable of the dates and times for each week’s activities is available to download here.

Sally Atkinson, Manager of the National Literacy Trust Hub in Peterborough said; “After the wonderful success of our temporary literacy hub last summer which saw hundreds of families enjoying sharing books and literacy activities, we’re delighted that Peterborough City College are continuing their fantastic support by dedicating a huge amount of their resources into making this year’s a reality for even more families.

Our National Literacy Trust Hubs are all about harnessing a community’s assets to address low literacy and this is a shining example of how local partners have the power to embrace our initiatives and develop them into something extraordinary so their influence reaches the communities who need the most support. With such a diverse programme of activity, where families can immerse themselves in imaginative craft, celebrate their favourite books, or have the chance to feature in a published cookbook, I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s Literacy Hub will become a regular fixture in Peterborough’s families’ summer calendar. ”

The National Literacy trust Hub in Peterborough is an initiative working in partnership with Peterborough City Council and other local partners including Peterborough United, Stagecoach, Peterborough City College and Vivacity to raise awareness of the importance of literacy skills and extend the reach of literacy support in the district. More information can be found at

4 Responses to “Peterborough Literacy Hub Opening in City Centre”

  1. Abdelhamid Garah

    Hi just been today in Peterborough learning hub
    At 2.15 the 29/07/2016.
    My little boy 5 years old ask the lady whom serve the food on the table for some grapes she told him no come back tomorrow I’m going to take the food away now .I think she should be there dealing with little boy was very disappointed.
    Little kida

    • Jackie Hall

      Dear Abdelhamid
      I am so sorry that you little boy was disappointed and unable to get some fruit. I have passed your feedback onto the manager of the shop to ensure that youngsters don’t go away disappointed again.
      Thank you for taking the time to send this feedback.
      Kind regards

  2. Debbie

    I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the staff who have manned the Literacy hub especiallybthe regular ones.
    I work term times and have a 21yr old and a very lively 4 yr old. We have visited the hub so many times, each time Gracie gaining confidence in the company of the adults and has absolutly loved the activities. Difficult to say which ones were her favourite..she has a leaf on the amazing tree but on each visit aswell as the other activity she insisted on doing a leaf too. Some we have on her art gallery door at home, others she has given to friends and 1 to the librarian at our local library ☺. She did particularly like the way she could “write” on the post it notes and add her ideas to the healthy eating wall. She loved the collage food rainbow and more recently she made a diary and a book. She is very much an outdoor person but we do share a lot of books and spend time writing together and she loved the alphabet on the wall where she could find the letters she wanted to write and over the summer has actually learnt several more letters.
    She isnt a fan of “doing jobs in town” but knowing we could go in the hub either before or after has been a great incentive and made life in town a lot less fraught Im very glad to say.
    With the food activities I was a bit worried initially as she does have several food allergies but soon felt reassured as when i mentioned them or the fact we only ever use our own wipes etc itbwas all took on board and she was happily able to join in. She was already a fan of fruit kebabs as we make them at home after she made them in nursery but she was extremely happy at her melon fruit boat ☺
    Its been a lovely way to spend time togetherbin a busy day, have always been made to feel welcome and I would love to see it again next summer or at other times. We use our local library but this was a really lovely experience and I love all the leaves on the tree of childrens favourite books. I was an avid reader as a child and now dislike the fact I rarely have time in busy life to lose myself totally in a book. But have actually read 2 this summer. I hope Gracie carries on the same enthusiasm.
    Thanks again to you all.
    We will hopefully have time to go to one of the last sessions tomorrow.
    I have some lovely photos and her art work is up too.

    • Jackie Hall

      Dear Debbie,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m so pleased that you and your daughter enjoyed your experience at the Literacy Hub.

      Thanks again
      Kind regards


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