The Job Show Peterborough

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Job Hunting? Join us at The Job Show Peterborough

The Job Show Peterborough will be held at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre (click here for directions) on Thursday 30th April, 12-7pm.

If you’re looking for a job in Peterborough or simply want to have a look at what’s out there, then make sure you pop along to The Job Show Peterborough. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet potential employers and to get an idea of what job opportunities are out there in Peterborough.

And we’ll be there too! As City College Peterborough offers a lot of different courses to help individuals boost their employability and seize new opportunitiesWe’ll be at The Job Show explaining a little bit more about what we have to offer.

If you’re looking to start your career in a particular industry, then an apprenticeship could be a fantastic option for you. We’ve got apprenticeships in a huge variety of industries here at City College, from catering through to team leading and management.

Find out more about apprenticeships.

At The Job Show Peterborough we’ll be happy to talk you through how to apply for apprenticeships, whether an apprenticeship is a possible option and where it could take you in the future.

Employability Courses
If you’re looking for a job or want to boost your future job prospects then come and talk to us about employability courses at The Job Show Peterborough.

Employability courses can be specific to your career or based on more general, core skills such as English and Maths. Some courses may even be free if you’re eligible thanks to the courses being aimed at boosting the local, current job market.

We’ll talk through what employability courses we have that could be right for you, and those that would suit your ambitions and abilities.

Find out more about employability courses.

Workplace Training
If you’re already working but are dedicated to ongoing professional development and to nurturing your career path, then workplace training courses at City College Peterborough could help you achieve your goals.

With a variety of different workplace training courses in Peterborough available at the College you’ll also have the opportunity to tailor your chosen course whilst also considering the option of distance learning. Come along and ask us about workplace training when you visit The Job Show!

Find out more about workplace training courses.

The Job Show promises to be a great opportunity for Peterborough jobseekers to talk to potential employers and to discover how they can widen their skill set. To find out more about The Job Show visit

If you can’t make it to the Job Show on the 30th April, call us on 01733 761 361 or send an email to with any queries you may have.

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