Distance Learning Courses: Register your interest now

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Distance Learning Courses: Register your interest now, and start studying in August.

City College Peterborough is now registering interest for distance learning courses beginning in August 2014! You can join our group of individuals and businesses that believe distance learning could be the perfect solution for their workplace needs.

You will find a huge variety of courses here at City College Peterborough, including distance learning courses that offer students unrivalled flexibility with the ever reassuring support of tutors who are only an email or phone call away.

Distance learning is a term used to describe a method of learning where the student is not physically in a classroom, or on the College site, to be guided through learning materials. Instead, distance learning allows students to study at times that suit them best and in the comfort of their own home – or wherever else they may wish!

With City College Peterborough’s distance learning courses, students still benefit from the support of a dedicated tutor, who will provide them guidance via email or telephone. Students will also receive full course materials, to help support them through their studies.

Students will work through their course module by module. When a student completes a module, they will be required to answer a set of questions that will be submitted to their tutor. In many ways, these modular questions and answers can be considered as assignments.

The tutor will always provide feedback and further guidance once they’ve looked at and marked the answers provided. Tutors will then make sure the student is meeting the course requirements and has hit all the right points in the syllabus.

When the questions have been edited, according to the tutor’s feedback, the student will be able to advance on to the next module on their distance learning course.

At any point during their course, students can feel reassured that their tutor is only an email or phone call away. Students can ask their tutors anything to do with their course, whether that’s about what their next module will be, through to when final deadlines are.

Depending on the level of the distance learning course, and its subject matter, students may be required to research around their course materials – finding further information in publications or online.

At the end of their successfully completed distance-learning course, students will receive a certificate from the awarding body.

Distance learning is often an ideal solution for businesses looking to extend their team’s current skillset. Employees can study when it suits them, whilst continuously offering wider skills to benefit the business. That means employees will be able to balance work, and studying, according to their schedules, which we know often have to be flexible due to work and personal commitments.

Distance learning courses at City College Peterborough are also tailored to fit your business requirements, so you can feel reassured that your employees are really benefiting from the additional learning.

Get in touch with our business team today, on business@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk and find out how distance learning can work for your business needs.

Would distance learning fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle? Do you prefer the opportunity to tackle your studies at your own leisure? Or is it simpler for you to stay at home and learn? There are many reasons why distance learning could be right for you – and provide you with the perfect opportunity to kick-start your career progression or strengthen your current skills.

Here at City College we provide numerous distance-learning courses, on everything from Equality & Diversity through to Mental Health Awareness. Find out more about our distance-learning courses.

Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your skillset or to provide your team with the opportunity to expand their knowledge – remember that we are already compiling waiting lists for courses starting in August this year. Get in touch with our Training in the Workplace team today, via business@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk