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Management Training and Development Programmes in Peterborough

We always aim to provide our students with the best possible opportunities and qualifications. We also continually provide businesses with the most relevant and effective courses for employees, so they can really see the return of their investment in the growth of their team’s knowledge.

When it comes to training in the workplace, we know that every business will have a different set of requirements, which is why we strive to provide flexibility and variety amongst the programmes and courses we offer.

We are planning to start offering a brand new management training and development programme via the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) with courses commencing in September 2014.

CMI qualifications and programmes in management training and development are of an exceptional standard. The CMI is, in fact, the only organization that warrants Royal Charter status in the field of management and leadership.

You can find out more about the CMI over on their website,, where you can also find out more about the leadership and management training programmes they have developed.

City College Peterborough will deliver the CMI courses using CMI course materials and following their specialist syllabus. The CMI places “management qualifications, training and development at the heart” of organisations – and that’s why we want to offer the programmes to businesses and managers in Peterborough.

Students of CMI courses at City College Peterborough will benefit from the CMI’s vast catalogue of resources – including support forums, industry reports and more, aimed to provide managers with the opportunity to discover and develop the tools necessary for them to excel, progress and become professional leaders and managers. Once they have successfully completed the CMI programme, students can apply to become Chartered Managers, which is undoubtedly the hallmark of a great manager.

With a strong, knowledgeable and committed management team, businesses can reap the benefits of a unified and motivated workforce, with exceptional strategic decisions. A Chartered Manager will offer businesses effective people management and time management – as well as many other qualities that are nurtured during a CMI qualification.

As an individual, managers will be able to develop their confidence in their managerial abilities. As a Chartered Manager, an individual will be able to showcase their strengths in management and beyond whilst also experiencing the benefits of a needed boost to career progression.

Find out how a CMI management and training programme could help you and your business reach its full potential by contacting City College Peterborough today. Be first in line for our September 2014 courses and email to find out more details and register your interest.

Keep visiting the City College Peterborough website for updates on the CMI management and training programmes, and for enrollment when available. As we are continually looking to improve and diversify the courses we offer here at City College Peterborough it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date with what’s changing – you never know when the perfect course may be introduced!