City College Peterborough has been nominated for a number of awards after embracing new technology

Pupils, teachers and staff at the college are benefiting from new digital technology which has transformed working methods, particularly during Covid-19 and has led to the college being nominated for the prestigious awards.

Students and staff at the college have been using the software, which has really come into its own during the past few weeks. They worked with Phoenix Software for several years and in 2019 underwent a move to using Microsoft 365. This saw pupils and staff start using the online communication platform Microsoft Teams and portable Surface Go devices were provided for students.

The move has led to a number of improvements and seen Phoenix nominate the college into the Microsoft awards for the following areas:

– UK Partner of the Year

– Surface PC Award

– Diversity & Inclusion Changemaker

Previously, the college used on-site servers with staff and pupils printing off work as paper copies. All students now have access to a Surface Go with work completed on the devices and submitted via Teams – saving print and paper costs as well as time and making continued learning during Covid-19 possible.

So far, they’ve seen cost savings of around 48 per cent and a 38 per cent reduction in paper usage last year. Many pupils are benefiting from using Surface Go devices, ensuring they can work and get support both in and out of the classroom.

Pat Carrington MBE, Principle, City College Peterborough “Our ethos is about being accessible and looking at how we can enable people to achieve the best that they can achieve.

“Through the use of technology and looking at different ways of working, we can make things bespoke to each individuals needs and what we’ve seen with the investment of the new equipment and the use of Teams is a transformation in the way that we’re operating.”

Councillor Lynne Ayres, Peterborough City Council’s cabinet member for education, said: “It’s great to see the college benefiting from new technology, they fully deserve their nomination for the awards.

“Most importantly of all, the technology is helping pupils to learn more effectively. They can get help and support whenever they need it, so nobody is getting left behind, something which is needed now more than ever.”

Ziah, a student at the college, said: “It’s better as I do more work on the computer than writing by hand, which helps me be more independent. I like that I can chat and send messages to my friends in the classroom. It means I can ask for help if the classroom is too busy or noisy. I feel happy as I can complete the course on my own.”

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