City College celebrates VE day with our 90-year-old students!

As City College Peterborough is celebrating 75 years of providing learning to Peterborough and its wider community, it is only fitting that we also celebrate some of the longstanding students that have enjoyed true lifelong learning by pursuing their leisure interests and hobbies at the college.

Some of our most mature students got a welcome surprise of an Afternoon Tea gift box, delivered to their door on Thursday 7th May, not only to thank them for learning with us over many years and being a valued part of the college community but also in preparation for the VE Day celebrations on Friday, 8th May.

Pat Carrington, Executive Principal, said, “Our leisure interest courses are a very successful and valued part of the learning we offer to enrich the lives of residents in Peterborough and surrounding areas. 

We are fortunate to have very talented tutors and loyal students, who exemplify the benefits of lifelong learning.”

Here is a little more about just some of these students:

Audrey Shelly – 91 years old from Sawtry

Audrey first started learning at the college as a student over 20 years ago with her late husband, James and really enjoyed being on her oil painting courses, even having a go at tutoring for a short time, lecturing on “English Urban History” at the college.

While Audrey’s husband was one of the first national service pilots based in Germany, she was working for the Foreign Office in London sending educators, orchestras, ballet & theatre productions to Germany to support the rebuilding of its cultural sector. Later in life, Audrey worked with the Royal Voluntary Service for the ‘Meals on Wheels’ initiative to provide food for the vulnerable so is no stranger to the wider community work that we do at the college.

Audrey has always had a passion for education and says “What a great organization City College Peterborough is. I have watched it grow and expand over many years to meet the needs of the community.”

Roy Sewter – 90 years old from Oundle

Roy joined the college 20 years ago in 2000 after he picked up a leaflet about the college in a village near to where he lives in Oundle. After retiring from his own business at 69 years old and suffering a series of strokes, Roy decided to give a literature course a go to keep his mind active. He says that learning “aided his recovery as it gave him something to focus on” and he looked forward to sharing his time with other like-minded people.

Roy spends a lot of time caring for his two dependent sons and growing plants to sell for fundraising efforts for the Air Ambulance but still has time to read widely and attend his weekly literature course.

John and Eunice Crisp – 88 and 93 years old from Peterborough

Both John and Eunice have been attending history courses regularly for over 20 years after going on a trip to Spain with their late tutor Cannon Jack Higham. It was on this trip where many friendships were made and continued into the classroom. John says that “being on the courses at the college has been a great way to build and strengthen friendships”.

In fact, both John and Eunice had been coming to the college, even before attending their history courses, to learn many different subjects with John remembering having enrolled onto a Navigation course with Commander Thompson in the 1960s.



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