Changes to Apprenticeships

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Changes to Apprenticeship Funding and More: How will the changes affect your business?

There are a lot of changes being made to apprenticeships in the UK, including changes to funding and the level of control employers will have over how apprenticeships run – with significant influence over the design of apprenticeships and assessment procedures.

We’ve laid out the latest changes that may affect you, whether your business takes part in apprenticeship schemes now, or if you think an apprenticeship might be right for your business in the future.

We offer a huge variety of apprenticeships here at City College Peterborough; find out more over on our Training for the Workplace – Apprenticeships page. It’s important to note that the Government is continuing to reform apprenticeships in the UK, so there will be further changes that occur later down the road as we get closer to 2015 and beyond.

To keep on top of changes to apprenticeship funding and more, visit the National Apprenticeship Service online or take a look at the information on apprenticeships on

But for now, here’s a quick run down of the changes that we are anticipating very soon.

Apprenticeship funding: The continued reform of apprenticeships is working towards giving employers more direct control over the funding of external training for their apprentices. This control over the training means employers will benefit from increased apprenticeship quality and a greater relevance to their business, which is all fantastic news for you – the employer.

In addition, so employers have more control over funding, the government has announced plans to route apprenticeship funding directly to employers. To make this simpler and more effective, this funding will reach employers using HMRC systems – such as PAYE or Apprenticeship Credit.

We are currently awaiting the outcome of the latest Government funding consultation, and as always we will keep you up to date with the results as and when we hear about them. Currently, the new funding model will be introduced on or before July 2015 and it involves a funding contribution from employers as well as extra funding from the government. This article ‘Employers to fork out for a third of apprenticeship training as government tells bosses to pay providers for first time’ in FE Week explores in more depth what these changes mean.

Apprenticeship design: You may have heard about the new Trailblazer initiative for apprenticeships – and they are great news for industries that really benefit from apprentices. Trailblazer’s are small or large companies that are industry leaders, in sectors such as Aerospace, Electrotechnical and Food and Drink Manufacturing. These companies, and employers, have been working together to develop apprenticeship standards that are perfectly designed for their industries and their business needs.

These changes are all about making apprenticeships that fit the inherent needs of different sectors – we know that one-size doesn’t fit all, and it’s great to see new apprenticeship standards that reflect this.

You can find out more about Trailblazers and the new apprenticeship standards on

Apprenticeship assessment: In October 2013, the government published an implementation plan for new apprenticeships in the UK and a big part of that plan was to change the way apprenticeships are assessed, with the primary focus being on making assessments more applicable to employers.

Some of the key changes have been: more rigorous assessments focusing on the apprentice’s competence at the end of the apprenticeship; grading to be introduced, and more emphasis placed on English and maths skills.

These changes are all positives for employers and they further strengthen the benefits apprenticeships can offer a business. If you would like to discuss how apprenticeships could benefit your business, or you would like to know more about the recent changes to apprenticeship funding, design and assessment, please email City College Peterborough via