CCP Supports the #CancelCOVID Campaign

The Cancel COVID campaign, led by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council, will see posters displayed at bus stops, schools and hospitality businesses, alongside organic and paid social media and video updates from local advocates and some celebrity ‘guests’ (to be announced) to promote ways young people can play their part in reducing the spread of coronavirus over the festive period. The campaign highlights the importance of:

  • Catching up with friends and colleagues online, rather than holding in-person festivities
  • Not going to a restaurant/venue if it looks crowded or if others aren’t taking care
  • Washing hands regularly with soap and warm water, or using hand sanitiser
  • Keeping a safe distance apart from other people
  • Wearing a face covering where required

It’s OK not to go in if you don’t feel safe.
Walk on by if a venue looks too crowded,
doesn’t look properly ventilated or if others
aren’t taking care to follow the rules.

If you’ve got any COVID-19 symptoms, stay
at home to stop the spread:
➡️a new, continuous cough
➡️temperature above 37.8°C
➡️loss of taste or smell.

Stay at home and keep the Christmas
celebrations virtual this year to protect
your family and friends.
Don’t cancel Christmas. #CancelCOVID

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