Beating the health and social care skills shortage

Cross Keys Staff

At the beginning of 2014, a report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) highlighted health and social care sector as a trade likely to be significantly affected by skills shortages in the UK.

Since the release of the report the sector has, indeed, experienced difficulties recruiting and retaining staff with the right soft skills and knowledge, to help them provide the best quality care possible.

As a result of the skills shortages in the health and social care industry here at City College Peterborough we have introduced and developed initiatives especially designed to bring qualified and skilled people into vacancies.

In addition, our current health and social care apprenticeships can help to boost the skills of those already working in the sector – giving them the opportunity to advance their career and offer new, highly sought-after skills to organisations.

City College Peterborough and Cross Keys Homes Care Academy
One initiative introduced in partnership with Cross Keys Homes was a Care Academy designed to provide individuals who are between jobs the opportunity to gain valuable new skills and experience to develop their employability options – all with an eye towards going into a health and social care career.

Cross Keys Homes residents can become City College Peterborough students by taking part in the Care Academy. Specifically tailored towards the skills employers in health and social care need, the participants will complete three weeks of training once they have completed a Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care.

During the three weeks of training, the academy covers units such as Person-centred Care employability qualifications, application preparation and work experience with a Cross Keys Homes or other employer. At the end of the process, the participant will get a guaranteed interview.

At this stage the Academy has been hugely successful with a high per centage of those attending the Academy going on to gain employment.

Benefits for employers
For employers the benefits of the care academy are also huge. Those who participate in the scheme will have skills specifically tailored towards the industry – making them more employable and ensuring businesses are able to bring new employees and skills into place.

Get in touch with City College Peterborough today if you’re interested in finding out how the Care Academy could help your organisation beat the skills shortage. Send us an email to or call our Employability Team on 01733 761361

Helping to boost current employee’s skills
Beyond the Care Academy, City College Peterborough can also help employers boost the skills of their current employees. With apprenticeships designed for those already working in the industry City College Peterborough health and social care apprenticeships are available in:

  • Intermediate apprenticeships ideal for care assistants, personal assistants, relief team workers and night care assistants
  • Advanced apprenticeships that suit those in more senior roles such as care officer, care supervisor and senior care worker
  • Higher apprenticeships dedicated to helping individuals gain crucial managerial skills and aimed at adult’s residential managers, adult’s managers and adult’s advanced practitioners in adult social care.

Find out more about apprenticeships in health and social care.

Helping employers beat the skills shortage
The range of opportunities available at City College Peterborough ensures that organisations have the opportunity to boost skills and beat the skills shortage, especially in industries affected heavily such as health and social care.

With apprenticeships and initiatives such as the care academy, City College Peterborough are ready to help you find the right people.

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