An iPad is for life, not just for Christmas!!

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Did you receive an iPad for Christmas? Congratulations if you did, as you have just acquired an immensely powerful device which can help you do amazing things and assist with tasks you carry out every day, like searching websites, taking photographs or movies and editing them, checking your emails, maybe writing documents or reports, creating presentations, doing your sums or, simply reading your daily newspaper, favourite magazine or books. Portable and secure, an exciting creative tool – a real technological aid in everyday life.

Advantages of learning how to use a touch-screen

The great thing about touch-screen technology is that if you can get to grips within a device such as the iPad, your skills are easily transferable to a world of technology. Your new-found knowledge will give you access to touch-screen phones, laptops, TVs, museum information screens, ticket booking systems at the railway station and we’ve probably all encountered the touch-screen booking-in system at our local GP surgery. James Bond even used the same technology on a big screen in Skyfall. Far-fetched? Not at all, the technology is here to stay.

There’s a world of apps out there

Did you know there are now more than one million apps available for iPad alone? But what are they? Whether it’s planning your time, learning new things or enjoying your chosen interest or hobby, there is sure to be an application out there which can help you do things better or enhance your skills and knowledge. You don’t have to be limited to the obvious ones either. I’m sure most people have heard of Kindle for reading ebooks, but were you aware that there are now hundreds of reading apps out there? “But I like handling a real book!”, I hear you cry. Well so do I, but when there is an array of classic literature available to you FREE and FREE reading for all ages, it is hard to resist.

What could this mean for you?

Learn to use this great technology and here are just a few examples of skills you could have at your fingertips:

For business:

  • It’s a fully-fledged business tool, enabling you to use your time more efficiently and work more flexibly.
  • Because it is portable it allows people to work and do business on the move, at any time of day, anywhere. Built in apps such as the Calendar, Reminders and the Clock help you to plan your working day, while Facetime allows conference calls and virtual meetings, so you can communicate easily.
  • With more and more businesses adopting the iPad, organisations risk being left behind if they don’t embrace the technology.

For education:

  • The iPad provides a great new approach for both tutor and student in the classroom and at home, providing some of the most advanced technology for reading, writing, maths, research and interactive learning.
  • In-built apps such as the Calculator and Notes provide the first step to writing and working with numbers.
  • Tutors and students can simplify the collection and retention of materials, taking advantage of paperless documenting and sharing of information and projects.

For entertainment and interest:

The possibilities are endless.

  • The two best examples of apps which come as standard with your iPad are iTunes for downloading and listening to your favourite music and the Games Center with a vast array of games for individual play and to challenge people online.
  • Downloadable apps from the app store are too many to mention, but think of a subject you are interested in and there is bound to be a useful app out there for you.

Who would have thought that learning how to use a hand-held device could provide such an ever-expanding world of opportunity?


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