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From then ‘til now: How the Internet has grown
The worldwide web made its debut back in 1991 adding an exciting visual interface to the Internet. Invented by a British computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee,following experiments with hyperlink text in the 1980s and after successfully sending text around the world.

Initially the restrictions of technology and hardware meant that a presence on the web could be little more than black text on white.

However, if we consider where we are now from those early days, the explosion of images and information is truly astounding. For those of you who like statistics – with a world population of just over seven billion, there are now estimated to be almost three billion users and the number of websites published hit one billion in September 2014, containing somewhere in the region of 4.58 billion pages.

How can a website help you?
This all adds up to many good reasons to have your own site on the web, particularly if you run a business, or have useful information in your own field to share. With such an array of information available out there it allows people choice.

But if you don’t have anything online you could be reducing your chances of being considered. There is no better place to be seen.

Where do you start when creating a website?
Until recently the ability to create a successful website has remained in the hands of the technologically gifted. You may feel that it has been shrouded in mystery, jargon and computer babble. It is true, as in anything, that the experts will provide excellent solutions to your web needs, often at a price, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t build a professional solution of your own.

In fact it has never been easier to do it yourself with more and more build your own site tools becoming available everyday. Publishing your own content, images and video, it is all doable.

Promoting your site, which is probably even more important than creating it in the first place, is also possible. There is something satisfying in seeing your website address appearing up the Google ranking. It just needs working at and patience. Bear in mind it doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, even for the experts.

Understanding what kind of website will work for you
Now, with that in mind, consider the type of website you want yours to be: An informative site; a business site; an educational site, or maybe even a shop?

All of these are achievable with a little training, time and effort. The key is always in planning well and knowing your audience – these are all important and the best place to start.

Remember that what is happening on the web is influenced by what is happening outside of it. People build websites and people create the demand. We are all sponges for information, we all need to go shopping at some time, will always need banks, want to communicate and keep in contact with each other. The web provides the solution to fulfill many of these needs and is, like it or not, gradually replacing traditional methods.

There will always be a vital role for the professionals, but you could be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve yourself. So, embrace it now and you will discover the benefits.

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