4. Our curriculum 

The careers provision at City College Peterborough involves collaboration between the curriculum tutors, teaching assistants, job coaches and other members of the team. Our progress. Enterprise & Employment Coordinator engages with local employers and our partners to deliver guest speaker sessions and a dedicated career week & fair inline to celebrate National careers Week every March.

Our ethos is creating an environment where learners need to know, understand and be equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the world of work and for those that have chosen continued educational progression and create opportunities relevant to their skills’ set. Action to support learners will be embraced at every level. As an organization, we will work with parents, employers, partners and stakeholders and the Board of Governors who will contribute to the best possible outcome for careers development and progression for all our learners in this cohort.

To see a copy of our curriculum plan click here.

Opportunities are sought to map learning activities to career outcomes. For example, microenterprise projects are to support learners with their skill development.

Participation in workplace visits and engagement with local industries helping learners to develop key employability skills including numeracy, literacy and communication.

Learners have an opportunity to progress through various curriculum and employment pathways, ranging from, Supported Employment, Supported Internships, Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

For a full list of our Apprenticeship pathways click here.

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