3. Meeting your needs

Person-centred planning is at the heart of City College Peterborough Careers strategy. Learners have structured opportunities within their programme such as helping in the coffee shop, helping the facilities team, participating in college community projects and making food for staff and visitors. These opportunities are tailored to learners interests and vocational goals. Learners have opportunities to engage in meaningful work-related activities with tailored levels of staff support to develop independence in areas including travel.

The college also offers personalised sensory boxes filled with amazing tactile items relating to specific jobs roles, to help encourage exploration of work and careers development.

Our dedicated wellbeing team support learners on their journey and ensure that they are receiving the right support to make the most of their learning opportunities. 

Your Path, Your Choice – is designed to deliver careers education, at the right level, with the right support, to enable learners and create sustainable pathways for the future.

Our Study Programme package includes maths, English, citizenship and a vocational pathway as listed below:

  • Skills for Independence
  • Step-Up
  • Occupational Studies
  • ESOL
  • Hairdressing & Barbering
  • Business Enterprise
  • Childcare
  • Health & Social Care
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Catering
  • Creative Industries

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