National Apprenticeship Week is a focus on the benefits of apprenticeships and how people can earn while they learn, gaining valuable skills and knowledge in a specific job role and in a real work environment. You can be looking for work or already in work.

Apprenticeships also benefit employers by boosting the skills of their workforce, as well as improving motivation, employee satisfaction and productivity.

City College Peterborough is a very successful provider of apprenticeships and recent Peterborough Apprenticeships Award winner.

We have delivered apprenticeships to local businesses for many years, as well as employing apprentices in our own organisation, so we know first-hand the benefits they bring to individuals and employers.

Virtual drop-in sessions on Teams

If you want to speak to an apprenticeships assessor and find out more about how you can become an apprentice, or if you’re an employer and want to know how an apprenticeship programme could benefit your organisation, then our virtual drop-in sessions are for you.

Sessions are being run from Tuesday 9th February to Friday 12th February.

Email us at with the sector(s) you are considering or belong to and we’ll get you booked in!

Myth busting apprenticeships

“But its February, do I have to wait until September for an apprenticeship?”

Our apprenticeships start throughout the year on a rolling basis. As long as you meet the criteria and aren’t already in full time education, we can start you as soon as you are successful with an employer – or if you are an existing employee, then we can start you as soon as suitable for yourself and your employer.

“I’ve already done an apprenticeship though.”

You can do more than one apprenticeship, as long as it’s a progression and relates to your current / future job role. You can’t do the exact same apprenticeship, but they are perfect for progressing to the next level or starting a brand-new career.

“I’m too old to be an apprentice.”

Apprenticeships are for anyone over 16 who have completed their year 11 of school. There are no upper age limits. Even if you want to start a brand-new career later in life, apprenticeships could be perfect for you!

“I’m already working as an administrator and would like to do the Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship; would this affect my salary?”

If you’re already employed and undertake a relevant apprenticeship alongside your role, your salary will not drop to the Apprenticeship National Minimum Wage.


Advantages of having an apprentice…

Up to £3,000 for employers who take an apprentice

Did you know employers can receive a government incentive of up to £3,000 when they take on an apprentice? Click here to find out more.

  • Grow your team while keeping staff costs down. The average apprenticeship completer increases business productivity by £214 per week
  • Make hiring simpler and cheaper. High-quality training providers help you with the entire process: recruiting an apprentice, customising a training programme, accessing funding and doing all the work for you
  • Develop new recruits to meet your needs. Approximately 82% of employers take on apprentices to build the skills capacity within their businesses
  • Flexibility for existing employees. Free-up your existing workforce so they can do what they do best
  • Give your team new skills and energy. Approximately 96% of apprentice employers say they are beneficial to their business

Advantages of existing staff doing an apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship Levy means that it’s now easier to train and develop your workforce, therefore strengthening staff’s knowledge and skills.

Apprenticeships are a clear signal that you are prepared to invest in the future and that you care about your staff and their level of qualification in your industry.

Supporting staff career personal development has great benefits:

  • Enhances skills and knowledge, which leads to more competent employees
  • Vocational knowledge is kept up-to-date with learning and sharing good practice
  • Staff feeling valued and motivated. Loyal employees improve greater staff retention

For more information about how an apprentice can benefit your business, check out our Employer Guide

The apprenticeships lowdown

Everything you need to know about becoming an apprentice and taking on an apprentice is here

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There are nearly 600 different apprenticeship standards across England, which cover more than 1.700 different job roles.

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