Photo (Left to right: Kaleem Yasin, Andy Earp (Technical Support Manager), Aaron Nichols.)

NetSupport provide innovative software solutions to aid in the management of desktop computers and their users. Discover how City College Peterborough helped the organisation build their busy technical support team through apprenticeships.

If you’re looking for a way to build your team, invest in skills and bring in fresh, new talent then an apprenticeship could be the perfect solution for you. City College Peterborough offers a wide variety of different apprenticeships to a range of local business, including NetSupport based in Market Deeping, Peterborough.

The objective

Andy Earp, tech support manager, explained that NetSupport’s technical support department was looking to train people within the company. Andy was looking for employees whose skills could be moulded to the business:

“At NetSupport we’re dedicated to giving apprentices an experience that will let them nurture their interests, whilst giving them the skills they need to become a core part of our business,” explained Andy.

“Technical support is a really busy department. It demands great customer service but also passion and flare for IT. Our employees need to become completely at home with the NetSupport products – making in-house training a priority.”

Apprenticeships as a solution

With these objectives in mind, apprenticeships are an ideal solution. An apprentice would learn on the job, be a cost-effective solution to growing a team and grow to be familiar and confident in the organisation.

Working with City College Peterborough, Andy began looking for apprentices that fitted what NetSupport required:

“Our apprentices need to be eager to learn, with an interest in IT but also a punctual approach to work and great communication skills. In our department we’ll be dealing with frontline customer support along with support for distributors and resellers, whether that’s via email, phone or live chat.

“In due course, we see our apprentices managing a lot of that customer liaison so we have to be sure that they’ll be able to develop both sets of skills,” said Andy.

The apprentices

Through City College Peterborough, NetSupport has employed several apprentices across the business. Kaleem and Aaron are in the technical support department.

“The College was great in helping us find people right for NetSupport.

“For example, Kaleem immediately ticked lots of boxes when he came to his interview. He had researched NetSupport, he knew where we were based and was very organised. That’s exactly what we look for in employees – not just apprentices,” said Andy.

Kaleem, who started at NetSupport in December 2014, is currently studying to complete his Level 3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence. He said:

“I came to City College Peterborough looking for an apprenticeship after a recommendation from a friend. I’ve always had an interest in IT and a natural ability for it, learning whilst working let’s me put those skills in to action.

“The workload between college work and work at NetSupport is really manageable.”

Aaron now works full-time at NetSupport having completed his Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas in ICT Professional Competence a year earlier:

“Before I started at NetSupport I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take my career. I had just completed my A-Levels and had a real interest in IT.

“I heard about City College Peterborough apprenticeships and thought it would be great to put my passion for IT into a career,” explained Aaron.

“An apprenticeship was the perfect route for me. Theory work, by itself, doesn’t attend to my needs – I learn as I do and that’s exactly what the apprenticeship has offered me,” he added.

Aaron also highlighted the manageable workload, along with the benefits of being paid whilst training.

“The responsibility I’ve had at NetSupport has been built up throughout my apprenticeship and beyond. It’s all about learning new stuff and developing as part of the team.

“It’s great to know I now have those skills behind me,” said Aaron.

The results

With Kaleem and Aaron on board Andy explained that they make a direct impact on the day to day running of the technical support department:

“Getting the apprentices started with email support immediately frees up senior team member’s time, allowing us to direct their skills to other business needs.

“I’m really pleased with the apprentices: They fit into the business well and bring new ideas to the table on a regular basis.”

If you’re interested in starting an apprenticeship, get in touch with City College Peterborough today and we’ll help you find the right people for your business. Email us on or call (01733) 555197.