Tuto started to offer apprenticeships in 2015. We have 1 individual who has now passed Business and Administration level 2. We are pleased to say he has gone on to secure promotion in the business. We have 2 other individuals who are working towards Business and Administration level 2 and 3.


Technical Skills

Tuto will encourage the apprentices, to maximise their learning of their role and pass their apprenticeship. We conduct regular meetings to ensure an individual is on track to complete their units and where required we will contribute and support to make this a success. Once the apprenticeship is completed we will urge the individual to continue with their learning and take the initial Financial Services exam so they have a professional qualification and an increased understanding of the Financial market and products.


Future Development

As a company Tuto plan to continue our substantial growth. We see the apprenticeships as an important part of our future. We have witnessed first-hand an individual with good interpersonal skills, a willingness to learn however, has limited or no experience of a how a business functions, no knowledge of the Financial Services Sector and no idea what they wanted to do with their career, develop, pass their apprenticeship and earn promotion all within a year and half of starting with Tuto. This testament to the power of the apprenticeship initiative.


Working in partnership:

Tuto see the apprenticeships offered by the City College Peterborough as an excellent pathway for individuals to enter their chosen career or to learn how businesses function, business acumen etc. all while gaining further qualifications and earning.

Tuto have not needed to advertise for apprentices. We work closely with City College Peterborough so that they understand our business and the requirements of the role. We are pleased to say suitable candidates have then been presented to Tuto.

Tuto have interviewed potential apprenticeships Face to Face and over the telephone. We see the process as an integral part of an individual’s development and as this is the case ensure feedback is provided to the City College Peterborough.


What the Apprentices say:

The reason I chose to do an apprenticeship is because it appealed to me much more than University or College. It offered me the chance to earn whilst studying and would give me the experience of being in a working environment opposed to being in a classroom studying.

The skills learned whilst doing an apprenticeship could be directly related to my career path. It also provides knowledge that someone going to university would not get for example you would get an insight into working with other businesses and communicating where students at university would not.