Name: Wayne Page.

Age: 62 (yes you read that right!)

Apprenticeship: NVQ Level 3 – Lead Adult Social Care Worker.

Technically I am not an apprentice, but I am completing an apprenticeship as part of my CPD as a Team Support Worker for the 0-25 Disability Service.

Having previously completed an NVQ, I was somewhat familiar with the expectations of the NVQ aspects in relation to the assessments that I needed to complete and I did have a choice of the modules that form part of the apprenticeship, so I made it relevant to the job I do every day and that was not the easy option either as I work exclusively with young people from 14 to 25 with a disability. So there are lots to learn.

Being able to complete an apprenticeship is by far and away from the best option for me as my learning style is very much hands-on (so to speak), and I can use my job experiences as evidence (remembering the GDPR rules and regulations). All while getting a pay cheque every month.

Yes sometimes it’s hard to get the learning in, as my job is my job and the learning is to make me better at it.  But, as I’ve said, it works for me.

The support I get from my assessor is invaluable and has kept me on track (in fact better than I originally anticipated), if I need help, guidance or advice she’s there ready and willing to guide me. Studying through City College means it’s easy to get to exams, meetings, etc. so what’s not to like?  Even the benefits are worth having, for signing up to an apprenticeship I have an NUS Student Card and use it to get discounts.  So I can save money on everyday things too.

As to what I’m going to do once I pass this qualification?  Well that remains to be seen, but because of this experience I am thinking about going into another apprenticeship to do a degree in social work.  However, I can assure you, I would never go to university to study for anything on a full-time basis. Not my style.

“If you are looking for a way to develop your own education and get paid to do it why not apply for an apprenticeship. You are never too old to give it a try”.

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Wayne Page