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English and Maths GCSE courses for Adults
We can help you strengthen your core English and Maths skills

Having a strong foundation in English and maths can be a huge benefit to you day-to-day jobs and leisure time. A GCSE in English and maths is a fantastic way to build that foundation.

Improved English and maths can:

  • Help you to support your children or grandchildren with their homework
  • Boost your career prospects
  • Help you deal with forms, household finances and letter-writing
  • Support you with your everyday needs

Whatever you reason for wanting to improve your English and maths skills, we can help. Regardless of what level you are currently at, and whatever your needs are, here at City College Peterborough we’ll support you as you progress.

We have a wide range of adult learning courses available at the College, including English and Maths GCSEs specifically for adult learners.

At City College Peterborough you’ll learn in a supportive, enjoyable and practical way, focusing on the specific areas of English or maths that you want to improve.

The work you invest into the course will also give you the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised qualification in the core skills of English and Maths.

Find out how GCSEs for adult learners helped one of our students:

Natasha Floyd, GCSE Maths learner:

“The college has been the best college that I have been to. I have been trying to study GCSE Maths for years now but this is the only college that has made extra arrangements to support my disability. A huge thank you to the college”

Natahsa’s father, Graham Floyd, also added that everybody in the college had been awesome and they have never received a service like it.

At City College Peterborough you can choose from:

GCSE English  

This one-year intensive course is a nationally recognised qualification in English. You will learn the core English skills, which will help you to improve your literacy as well as your ability to interpret and engage with written and spoken English.

Courses starting 2020

Functional Skills English L1/L2

Courses starting 2020

Functional Skills English E2/E3

Courses starting 2020

GCSE Maths 

Our GCSE maths course for adults is a nationally recognised qualification and will be completed in a one-year intensive programme. You will develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts, including working with numbers, algebra, geometry, measures, statistics and probability.

With improved maths skills you’ll feel more confident tackling day-to-day equations and also develop the numerical skills necessary to boost your understanding.

Courses starting 2020

Functional Skills Maths L1/L2

Courses starting 2020


Once you have been offered a place on the course of your choice, you can start your learning journey.  Simply click here to enter the site, enter your logon details and password and then start exploring the areas you wish to develop further.


To find out more please contact a member of our Customer Services Team on (01733) 761361