With the rise of the Great British Bake Off and a growing trend for homemade bread, it made sense for City College Peterborough to introduce a baking course. But, with PaultheBaker on board, it’s set to be a baking course with a difference.

Having worked as an assistant chef in his teens and early 20s, Paul White discovered the brilliant (and delicious) world of artisan baking when his then landlord offered him a job in his bakery business.

From there on, Paul has had a passion for artisan baking and has combined it with his natural talent for teaching to create courses that are perfect for those looking to make the perfect loaf.

Paul’s traditional teaching method is in his student’s own kitchen, baking the bread of their choosing. However, he came into contact with City College Peterborough by chance – and it was soon to become a fruitful relationship.

Paul said: “I was baking with a local family in Peterborough, and they were really getting into the lessons.

“The daughter asked if we could possibly do a lesson with a larger group, as a taster with the profits going to charity – and she suggested City College Peterborough as the perfect venue.

“Before I knew it, I got talking to Paul George, a catering tutor, and Jackie Hall, the marketing manager, at City College Peterborough. We all agreed that it would be great if we could hold a course, open to all, at the College.”

City College Peterborough is always looking for new and exciting courses that will be popular amongst the Peterborough community. Working with PaultheBaker was clearly a fantastic opportunity.

Paul added: “I love baking and I’m simply not in it to make a fortune, because I love teaching others too.

“Working with City College Peterborough has been a breeze. Since we agreed to introduce my Traditional Bread Making course, starting in November, City College Peterborough has made it really easy for me. I’ve been able to design the course exactly how I want it.

“The College have been nothing but professional and friendly along the way. They really involve the Peterborough community in their projects too, which in turn means the students are really engaged with their courses.”

Here at City College Peterborough, we were also delighted to invite Paul to our 1940s family event, which was a roaring success.

We invited Paul along to celebrate our 1940’s event with us, because his artisan bread making – with no nasty chemicals or additives, and just three ingredients and an oven – tied in perfectly with the vintage theme.

“The 1940’s event was brilliant and yet another example of the important role the College plays in the local community. There was a fantastic turnout out with no empty seats for the whole day at my gingerbread decoration class,” said Paul.

By being involved in the 1940’s event, Paul’s bread making class achieved additional sign ups and a great amount of publicity.

Paul added, “The course is clearly very popular and the role the College plays in the community has played a part in that, too. There’s huge potential, especially with the College on board. Watch this space for more artisan bread making courses in the future!”