Our ‘Create Your Own Website’ course, with tutor Chris Lane, is hugely popular. It’s a great way to learn the basics of website creation, design and promotion, for your own individual needs. It also gives you a great set of skills to take forward in maintaining and managing a website. But don’t just take our word for it!

We spoke to Zoe Hope, current student on the ‘Create Your Own Website’ course, about how she’s progressed and the project she’s currently working on.

Discovering the website design course

Zoe came across the College’s website design course when she was simply looking for courses that caught her interest:

“I was searching for the College’s website to see if there was something that caught my eye – nothing in particular – when I came across the create your own website course.

“I thought it would be good to give it a try – as it could potentially save the Court Pool and Snooker Club a lot of money if I could create a website myself.”

Zoe’s husband is one of the owners of the Court Pool and Snooker Club on Mallard Road in Peterborough, she explained: “We had gained some quotes for people to design a website for the Club but we couldn’t justify the fee they were asking for to set up and maintain a website.”

Why was a website design course the perfect solution?

With the course appearing as a very cost-effective solution to the Court Pool and Snooker Club’s need for a website, Zoe explained:

“The Club has been open for two years now, and a website now seemed like the next, natural step of progression.

“It would mean we could advertise what we do to a much wider audience. Plus it gives customers the ease of browsing and booking the club at their convenience.”

The website would primarily be used to promote prices, events and booking information to those who search for the Club and similar activities in Peterborough.

How has the website creation course worked out for Zoe?

Having signed up to the course, starting in March 2015, Zoe was ready for her two hours a week for six weeks at the College. However, she did have a few reservations:

“I was concerned that when I entered the course that I wouldn’t be able to create my own website – I would describe my computer skills as very basic.

“However as the price was so reasonable I thought I would still give it a go.” As a result, Zoe has found the course works perfectly for her:

“The course expectations are set out in lesson one and Chris, the tutor, has given us all the individual time we need to understand and progress.

“I am now approaching my third week and I feel really happy with the progress I have already made towards my website.

“I have found it really easy to understand and have found the tutor very approachable.”

Now that Zoe’s progressing quickly towards her goal, she explained: “I now feel confident that I will finish the course with a website which will be attractive and informative for existing and new customers.”

What about going forward?

Importantly, the skills learnt by students on the course are invaluable going forward as they can adapt them to new circumstances and continue to maintain their own website.

Zoe said: “I think, in the future, if I need a website for anything else I would feel confident enough in the process of website design that I could create another one independently.

“The College is very convenient being in the city centre and Chris is a very clear, patient and approachable tutor. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is thinking of setting up their own website.”

If you think a course in web design could be right for you, please get in touch.

The course Zoe took, ‘Create Your Own Website’ is available regularly throughout the year with five sessions costing £55.