Who we are

We are a small group of staff and tutors whose focus is to make the College more environmentally friendly. We meet every few weeks to come up with new ideas on how we can be better at all things green, looking at ways to reduce paper and ink usage, save energy, and improve our recycling. 


Our Team

Chair – Adele Fender (Brook St) 

Tutor – Sally  Barwise (Brook St) 

Tutor – Sarah Herbert (JMC) 

Tutor – Jolita Stautnike (JMC) 

Tutor – Don Chiswell (Brook Street) 

Teaching Assistant – Abby Bird (JMC) 

Administrator – Marta Pilinska (Brook Street) 

Support Worker – Sally Pearson (City Centre Hub) 

Support Worker – Tracey Finch (Kingfisher Centre) 

Cleaner – Brian Corney (Brook St) 


Waste Separation

In the spring term, the College Green Group removed all of the waste paper bins from classrooms and replaced them with recycling stations around the College.

Each station has a green bin for mixed recyclable waste, a red bin for non-recyclable waste and a blue bin for cans. All of the cans collected are transferred to our Hampton Industrial Hub where they are crushed and sold for recycling. this has been a great success with 90% of our waste being separated and disposed of responsibly.





Rainwater Harvesting

In order to save water, the Facilities Team have designed and built a rainwater harvesting system. This captures water that collects on our bungalow roof at the Brook Street site in 3 large water butts. The water is processed through a filtration system and then pumped into our art room where it is used by the pottery, and the art class for washing brushes. Any spare water is used for watering our small allotment and memorial garden.








Electric Pool Car

In the Autumn of 2018 the college invested in a Renault Zoe electric car and installed a car charging point at the Brook St campus. The cars used by staff to travel between sites, deliver hot lunches to our JMC students, and take supported learners home.

The college hopes to reduce its carbon footprint and mileage by encouraging the use of this great little car!







Recycling donation station

The Green Group have created a recycling Donation station which is situated in the College Coffeeshop. Here anyone can leave a donation of an unwanted item which can be recycled by the College. Items include broken jewellery, wool, ribbon, and lace. Metal bottle tops and ring pulls. Fruit netting and buttons.

The station also supports charities by collecting milk bottle tops for the Guide Dogs For the Blind and used stamps for the RNIB.






Are you interested in, recycling, being green and protecting the environment? Have you got some great ideas about how the college could continue to improve recycling and do more to help the environment? Can you spare an hour every few weeks to help? If so we need you! For more info please email your contact details to Greengroup@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk